Simple Signal Sequencer My very first PIC project. See the signal. See the train approaching the signal. See the signal go red! Now also my latest PIC project. There are two MAS colour light sequencers available, one for a simple continuos run loop and one for contiguous signals on a larger layout.
Bodnet simple telemetry network Almost everybody that's dabbled with microprocessors and model railways has produced their own telemetry system at some time. As I'm not one to break with tradition heres my attempt. Along the way I've needed to write a simple monitor program for my PIC's and come up with software and hardware to connect this to the serial port of a PC.
Wordwise to RTF translator A simple utility to translate from BBC Wordwise file format into Rich Text Format.
Signal Block Bell Code Ringer PC based software for signalling between model railway operators using bell codes. Rings out a bell code selected from a list or lists a bell code rung in. The bell codes are defined by a simple text file allowing users to create their own variations.
16 bit CRC functions Miscellaneous functions in 'C' and assembler for performing 16 bit CRC calculation using the CRC-16 and HDLC/X.25 polynomials.

Lastly the disclaimer. The code and information given here is offered, as is, for recreational use only. No warranties or assurances are given, undertaken, or implied as to it's reliability, robustness, accuracy, fitness for use, etc (I just play with it). No liability is taken or implied for any losses or damages, direct, indirect or consequential, arising from systems using either in full or in part any code or information herein contained (if you use it you're on your own). Although the code employs a number of well known common techniques from the public domain it's still copyright material (subject for the most part to the 'GNU General Public License').


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