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This layout was built in about six weeks to act as the 1996 Christmas window display for Pemroke Photography in Chippenham.  Since it's initial construction, a large amount of work has been undertaken to upgrade the scenery, as the layout was originally built in rather a hurry!  The improvements include the addition of working signals.

Crompton Fields is an unashamed tail-chaser, with four continuous runs, two on the high level and two on the low level.  The need to operate reliably and continuously for five weeks dictated that the track plan should he as simple as possible.  Consequently, there are no points anywhere on the layout.  The model also had to fit into a narrow shop window. so the curves on the two inside tracks are about 12 inches in radius.  The Lima Class 33 'Crompton' is the most reliable operator on such tight curves, hence the layout's name.

Crompton Fields does not depict any specific location or period, which is probably just as well, given some of the rolling stock which is run.  The star attraction used to be an EWS Class 33 decked out by Adrian, until EWS painted one of their own locomotives in a similar colour scheme.  Not to be outdone, Adrian then outshopped a Deltic in Virgin livery.

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